Follow interests, not influencers

Maven is your social media detox

No likes, no follows

Finally, a social network designed to cater to your interests instead of likes and mega influencers.

Build your interest graph
Discover relevant people, ideas, and other great resources that matches your interest profile.
Dial in your thoughts with AI
Unclear about a new topic? Use the power of artificial intelligence to untangle your thoughts into clear messages.
Find your community
Post and reply and about any subject and connect automatically with people who share similar interests.

Maven is for



startup founders

software engineers

Maven enables you to follow, control, and expand your interests so you can connect over ideas instead of over popularity.


Ken Stanley


An expert on
open-ended discovery in both AI and human systems and author of Why
Greatness Cannot Be Planned
(most recently leading the Open-Endedness Team at OpenAI)


Blas Moros


former founder who has a broad background from investing at
Notre Dame, to running operations at Glenair (aerospace manufacturing), to building
several online communities that have crossed
7-figure ARRs


Jimmy Secretan


A tech industry leader in building scalable online systems (most recently
VP of Ads and Premium Services at Brave)